Print just feels different


Print just feels different

Print communicates

Who still takes the time to take a break in these high-speed digital times?

Well, actually, more than you would guess. Due to the lockdown, the world kind of stopped turning and suddenly the bike lanes were overcrowded.

But as a company? E-mails and newsletters get sent out in a steady flow, but who still reads them? All the additional zoom meetings and webinars only served to shackle us ever more tightly to the screen.

Tired of that! 2020 will appear in history books as a year of big changes, but in which sense? We can only guess. One thing seems to be sure though: tangible communication now really stands out in the digital sea. Of course INNI GROUP has followed contemporary innovations, but print remains our core business. Why? Because print works.

Print is tangible

Our field took a beating because all events were suddenly cancelled. No more trade fairs, no more festivals, no more brochures… The marketing department had to reorganise at lightning speed. But after all the digital tools, people crave for something tangible, something permanent, something that offers comfort in a society that has to keep the distance. In short, something that feels like real contact.

That is why so many people rediscovered postcards and letters. They come closer to the cuddles that we cannot give yet. A company could do the same and help to restore the connection.

Print = impact

We need a new balance between working from home, digital tools and the power of tangibility in print. Who could be better suited than INNI GROUP to help you find the way? Together we can decide on the different paper types and colours that will best display your message after the corona lockdown. Creativity driven by the senses…