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Web To Print

Rely on OKAPI to manage your print assets.

What is meant by Web2Print

Web2Print is essentially ordering printed matter via the web. This can be business cards, brochures, syllabi, envelopes and so much more. The benefits are clear.

The centralization means you have control over your corporate identity. No more documents produced with an old logo. And through the approval cycle you can keep full control over who orders what.

In the dashboard you can see which stores or distributers order what, which documents are popular, etc.

And this for static documents such as envelopes, as well as dynamic documents with personalization such as business cards, brochures with shop address, etc. With our extensive experience, we can also advise you to use the right technology for your application: digital, offset, rotation.

Kurt Leybaert - 15 april 2021 - 002-2


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WEb to print


The system is based on InDesign templates and can be linked to data sources, e.g. list of employees for business cards.

And if you want to send E-mails besides paper, we can also help. You then link an HTML template to a list of e-mail addresses.

Our platform is fully GDPR-compliant, which means that once someone has signed up for a newsletter, he will never receive an e-mail, even if you make a new list indicating his address.


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Paper is difficult medium to keep in a digital flow.

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