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Your sustainable printing company with a focus on print, ticket, security, data and publishing.

Our story

We are INNI GROUP, a sustainable printing company for professional printed products. Our striped family has been focusing on print, ticket, security, data and publishers for decades. Our printing company employs 110 experts and has 130 years of experience in printing high-quality customised print products in both digital and offset format.

Strong print is simply in our DNA.

The comparison with zebras has everything to do with what we do — and above all, how we do it. Zebras are strong in print, just as we are strong in printing. INNI’s core business is as colourfully striped as our logo: one stripe each for printing books, leaflets, brochures, administrative printed matter, tickets, dates, secure printed matter, calendars, including the beloved Druivelaar calendar. Many stripes that together form a perfectly harmonious whole. Feel free to call us a multi-specialist, one who also knows that they are much stronger as a team than working alone.

Just as you’d expect from a good zebra, we’re also concerned about the welfare of our planet. That’s why our printing house is FSC®-certified (FSC-C010426). This label guarantees responsible forest management — which for us is a matter of respect for Mother Earth. This is also why we supply our plant with green electricity thanks to solar panels on our roofs, and why we are strongly committed to recycling, from paper to printing plate.



Our team is ready for  you

Our track record

Mixing the greatness of the past with an eye on the future is what we do, at our production facility in Heule, Kortrijk.

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When it comes to our client’s projects, it’s all about co-creation and dedication. And the smell of freshly printed matter, of course.


INNIgroup had the honour to print was the 17th edition of this very successful book by the Belgian philosopher Christiane Beerlandt. A special book created by an exceptional woman in an exceptional edition. For the first time this book will also be published in an ENG version, next to the NL, FR and German translations. Dirk Lippens, the devoted husband of Mvr. Beerlandt, continues his life’s work. We asked him for an interview.


De Sleutel tot Zelfbevrijding



If there’s one thing you can never do without, it’s quality. That’s why our eyes are on the product at all times and everyone in our team is at the ready as soon as anything rolls off the presses.


INNI GROUP minds the planet, which is why we offer FSC®-certified (FSC-C010426) printing. This label guarantees sustainable forestry, which we consider to be a sign of respect for Mother Earth.


Whether it’s in our collaborations with clients and suppliers, or in the way we handle sensitive information, integrity is at the core of our every decision. For mutual trust is what builds businesses.