Paper in a digital flow?


Paper in a digital flow?

Paper is difficult medium to keep in a digital flow. For example, how can a digital registration be retained after a paper invitation? When you produce something paper, you leave the digital flow in most of the cases. But you want to exploit the power of paper, but you want to run the ongoing process digitally rather than having to register via reply card or fax.

Through a personalized URL you can perfectly send a paper invitation and digitally pick up the registration via a website. In the example in the blog of the Open House (link) you will find an example of this.

Or a QR code or barcode on a discount voucher in which the identification of the recipient is processed. You therefore know that Mr X or Mrs Y used her discount.

You can offer your new price list or catalogue electronically (PDF) to small customers. But then, for example, they first must log in to your website and complete their data. Large customers receive it on paper via mail. If we have the turnover data in the database, INNI OKAPI can make this choice. Lay-out templates mixed with relevant data that is also used for logical decisions.

Or how about reactivating customers that you have not seen for 18 months. Every week, INNI OKAPI looks at the last order date, and sends those quiet customers a promotional mail. The mail is based on the commercial responsible for that customer. As soon as the customer opens the mail or clicks a button to look at your website, for example, the seller will be informed, and he can contact you.

And then I ignore the many contact opportunities where you could surprise your customers and prospects: send a card for a birthday in which they can request a small gift via a personalized website. Or offer them a one-time discount because they are loyal customers for 5 years, etc., etc.

If you must keep track of all that, it becomes almost impossible. But thanks to the Flows of the INNI OKAPI platform, this is all kept up to date. Request a demo without any obligation.