Digital marketing, marketing automation, etc.

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Digital marketing, marketing automation, etc.

Have you noticed that many terms no longer cover the load? That once you buy the product or service you must determine that the reason why you bought it is not completely obvious. And certainly, in marketing solutions this practice is commonplace.

For example, a marketing automation tool. What should this do? I read the automation of marketing. And digital marketing, but digital marketing. Digital marketing covers the whole wonderful world of e-mails; websites and corresponding attempts to get your website high in the search results via optimization for Google and / or via advertisements; blogs because they give your website credibility as an expert in the matter in question; social media, which in turn refer to your website and blogs. It is therefore quite a feat to keep all these signs in the air and products such as Hubspot come into their own.

They are purely digital and therefore cannot deal with paper. We now know the absolute strengths and the added value of paper. As always, it is not a case of “or” but of “and”. So, you must do both! And then it is already a lot harder to find a simple and affordable platform. And just there INNI group offers a solution.

Marketing automation for the SME (S and M)

The INNI OKAPI platform enables you to set up a campaign very low-threshold (and therefore affordable) for e.g. open days, invitations to a fair, cross-selling to existing customers. Moreover, you can test in advance via A / B tests on a small test group which is the best medium: e-mail or paper, or depending on turnover decide to serve small customers via a PDF while larger customers receive the printed catalogue.