Paper wraps


Paper wraps

As of 2021, disposable plastic will be banned. After the plastic disposables (think of cups, plates, balloon sticks,…) also the plastic films will be prohibited. Wallonia is even a few steps ahead of Flanders and will already ban the (bio) plastic foil around free shipments, both addressed and door-to-door, as from 2022. Several companies are taking the lead in this and are already using paper wraps to deliver their leaflets to customers. Few printing companies are known that can pre-print such rolls of paper wraps using rotary presses. INNI GROUP has been specializing in this for a long time and has te technical know-how and expertise to help you.

Discover the numerous advantages here:

  • Paper wraps are printed on demand while plastics require storage space.
  • Choosing paper: low ecological footprint versus large environmental impact of plastics -> there are 150 million tons of plastic soup floating around in our seas! Paper is biodegradable, and 95% of the waste and residuals from production are revalued.
  • Paper is biodegradable within 1 month versus plastic only after 10 – 100 years/
  • Paper wraps are fully customizable, which means additional communication opportunities! Quadri printing is possible and you have a large surface as a marketing tool.
  • Different paper types are possible: all FSCĀ® certified types as well as other sustainable papers.
  • Different cylinder sizes available to optimize the size of the wraps in function of the content. The example in the picture is 13″2/6 x 480 mm.