#prigital notebooks


#prigital notebooks

Prigital is the way to go

Last year, we joined forces with Antalis and Xerox to host our #prigital event. At this event, we submerged advertising and marketing specialists in the world of print and data, as both go hand in hand. All of us are passionate about digitization, but “do not underestimate the power of print,” says Erik De Vos of Antalis Benelux.

Guest speakers from the print and digital industry took us on a trip through their ideas on the future of both sectors. Conclusion? Prigital is the way to go. Que? Prigital, the combination of print and digital tools, is the perfect mix to tell the story of your company.

Personal touch

At INNI, we enjoy nothing more than enabling stories to be heard. After all, it is our core business. That is why we made notebooks for all #prigital guests, featuring a graphic design that captures the story of our event. Beautiful to look at, but better still: with the cover boasting the name of each participant, we just as quickly turned the pad into a gadget. Personal touch? Check!

A sprinkle of razzle dazzle

For #prigital, not only did we personalise our notebooks, we also gave them a complete make-over in collaboration with our partner in paper Antalis. The four notebooks come in an array different colours and paper types:
• Arjowiggins Keaykolour Meadow, Kiwi, Indian Yellow, Holly
• Arjowiggins Keaykolour Guardsman Red, Pumpkin, Chilli Pepper, Port Wine
• Arjowiggins Curious Collection Metallics Peaock, Aloe, Eucalyptus, Abyss
• Arjowiggins Curious Collection Metallics Nude, Chocolate, IceSilver, Chestnut
In addition, the white sheets come in Nautilus Classics & SuperWhite (100% recycled paper). Four possibilities tailored to meet everyone’s taste.

As far as our own logo was concerned, we preferred to keep things simple. We chose to emboss our well-known zebra stripes along with our brand name. Without the use of any ink, the design comes to life in the texture of the paper. An elegant but irresistible technique you will want to feel for yourself.