Much more than just a ticket


Much more than just a ticket

Bring your ticket to life

What do the Louvre, Kinepolis, the Atomium and Rock Werchter have in common? At first glance, nothing. In the case of the latter, guests go about screaming their lungs out, in the case of the first, they better not. The similarity can be found in a huge little detail: the headbanging guitar heroes and the strolling art lovers all carry an INNI entry ticket on them.

INNI GROUP supplies more than 300 million printed tickets a year. No wonder we rank among the European market leaders in the ticketing industry. From entrance tickets to drink vouchers and season subscriptions. From festivals to museums and theme parks. Our customers (how about some name-dropping? Disneyland®, Eiffel Tower, Louis Vuitton…) have been relying on our technical and graphic know-how for years.

Much more than just a ticket

A good old-fashioned paper ticket is more than just a pass. It is not a QR code or barcode that gets slipped back in the guest’s pocket just as quickly as it was popped out. It is an experience. The experience of the event starts as soon as you receive the ticket: great prospects ahead.

And afterwards? The couple in love might just glue the entry ticket in a photo album of their weekend in Paris. And the festival fan collects access passes as if they were gifts from God. And although digitalisation may very well have turned things upside down, a printed ticket is still the way to go for those who want to take their events to a higher level.

We print the ticket for your organisation or event in line with your style. Straightforward with just a logo? Something more elaborate with a story attached? Or would you prefer to go bananas and create a true collector’s item? Let your brand talk through the ticket—after all, it is your business card (we print those too, by the way).

Safety first

Of course, safety is paramount. At INNI GROUP we have different techniques to secure and personalise your tickets so that each visitor receives a unique product. This makes it impossible to reproduce or forge your tickets. The security can be integrated in the design, the paper, the finishing or in the inks we use.

Taking into account your wishes, we will get cracking with the right technology to produce and stock the tickets. Thanks to more than 125 years of experience, your printed matter is safe in our hands. Just ask the people at the Van Gogh Museum or the management at the Eiffel Tower.