INNI group, your innovative multi-specialist with a focus on print, ticket, security, data and publishing.

About us

At INNI, we are a family of 145. Our family-owned business has been all about print and publishing, gathering expertise for the last 125 years. And while as a team, we all have very different backgrounds, our goal has always been the same: helping you reach for the sky.

We’ll be working hard to help you reach your goals, but in the end, it’s not about us. It’s all you. This camouflage nature is embedded in our DNA. That’s why we compare ourselves to a group of zebras: bright and graphic, yet easily blending into the background.

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Our team is ready for  you

Our track record

Mixing the greatness of the past with an eye on the future is what we do, at our production facility in Heule, Kortrijk.

  • 2018: multispecialist

    2018: INNI Group grows into a multispecialist with a focus on print, tickets, security, data marketing and publishing, and dons a newly striped coat for the occasion.

  • 2016: Pureprint

    2016: PurePrint, a high-quality print business, is the latest member to join the family.

  • 2015: fusion of Continuga and Drukkerij Strobbe

    2015: INNI Group is the result of the fusion of Continuga and Drukkerij Strobbe.

  • 2014: 124 years of experience

    2014: 2 family business, spanning 8 generations and boasting 124 years of experience, set out for an innovative future.

  • 2010: Birth of zebra

    2010: The birth of Zebra, a W2P platform for companies.

  • 2000: colour prints

    2000: As everyone in the communication business seems to ask for colour prints, Strobbe launches into quadri printing.

  • 1993: print-on-demand

    1993: The digital era being in full swing, the printing company sets up a print-on-demand division that will be the blueprint for the ZEBRA platform.

  • 1990: Strobbe ticket

    1990: Drukkerij Strobbe launches Strobbe Ticket, the number one reference for premium and secure tickets.

  • 1978: continuga

    1978: UGA founds Continuga, a rotary press and pioneer in the field of rotating laser A4s.

  • 1948: UGA

    1948: The UGA, a publishing house for municipal administration, is born in Heule.

  • 1915: De Druivelaar

    1915: De Druivelaar, which today has become a famous almanack, is published for the very first time in 1915. It will be sold to Strobbe in 1940.

  • 1890: Drukkerij Strobbe

    1890: Aloïs Strobbe sets up a small print shop and calls it Drukkerij Strobbe.


When it comes to our client’s projects, it’s all about co-creation and dedication. And the smell of freshly printed matter, of course.


INNIgroup had the honour to print was the 17th edition of this very successful book by the Belgian philosopher Christiane Beerlandt. A special book created by an exceptional woman in an exceptional edition. For the first time this book will also be published in an ENG version, next to the NL, FR and German translations. Dirk Lippens, the devoted husband of Mvr. Beerlandt, continues his life’s work. We asked him for an interview.




If there’s one thing you can never do without, it’s quality. That’s why our eyes are on the product at all times and everyone in our team is at the ready as soon as anything rolls off the presses.


For print to stay alive, it is paramount to work with environmentally friendly materials. All our printed matter is FSC certified, meaning we support sustainable forestry and go the extra mile to keep the planet spinning.


Whether it’s in our collaborations with clients and suppliers, or in the way we handle sensitive information, integrity is at the core of our every decision. For mutual trust is what builds businesses.