Concertgebouw Brugge


We are very proud of the result of this seasonal brochure for the Concertgebouw Brugge.

Light, Time and Space’ were the theme of this brochure, in collaboration with artist Dries Segers. This theme had to be felt throughout the brochure.

Dries Segers made beautiful and original photos for this, which had to be shown to their best advantage. At the same time, the corporate identity of Concertgebouw Brugge is characterised by working with ‘uncoated paper’. Paper that feels rougher and often reflects the colour palette slightly duller but is very trendy and in demand. However, for this edition ‘duller’ was not an option.

A challenge for us to get the fullness of the colours right on uncoated paper for the beautiful photo section that was provided in the brochure. By working with Fedrigoni’s X-PER, we have succeeded in this.

This series of photos and the use of a second cover, give this brochure extra spice.