A practical example: the organisation of an Open House


A practical example: the organisation of an Open House

An open house event brings lots of work and overload in any organization. From the data selection of the prospects and customers, catering, invitations, presentations, up to the registration process.
But our INNI OKAPI platform is here to help. It can save you a lot of work. Let us read the flow below.

Above you see the Flow for an Open House at INNI Group.

  1. First, the data from all possible databases were brought together in 1 table with Recipients, both customers and prospects. This also includes information about in which division someone is a customer, postal address, responsible sales rep, language, turnover, etc.
  2. Based on that Recipients file, a first e-mail was sent with a “Save the date”. A different date for customers of the different departments (Public Administration, Tickets, Printing, etc.). After some time, a second e-mail with a part of the program was sent and the message to keep an eye on the mailbox. A basic HTML template for E-mails but with variable fields: different date per division, the relevant program of the day, the first name of the recipient, etc. (see below)  
  1. In the meantime, this same file was linked to a printed invitation to make personalized invitations: name of the addressee, the program adapted to the division where he or she is a customer, but also a very short personal URL referring to the registration page (Event Page).
  2. All information was pre-filled on this Event page. You do not want Mr. Janssens, whose details you know, to have to fill in his name, or his e-mail address again. But he has the possibility to complete the data with a mobile phone number or to modify his address (Update). These types of pages are also called pURLs or personal URLs, a web page unique and specific to the addressee.
  1. After clicking the registration button, you will immediately receive a thank you page, also personalized and a thank you e-mail with all the details of the registration. Also, an e-mail to the Administrator of the campaign who can also follow how many people have already registered for which day via the Admin dashboard.
  2. But in this campaign, we also offer the possibility to “Invite a colleague”, with own processing. Also “Self-registration” for people without an invitation, e.g. via an open invitation link on the INNI website. With the same “Tthank you” page and the stored data are added to the database (Add)
  3. After a short wait after sending the paper invitation, a reminder was sent out, but filtered with “Not yet registered” only. These people then received a reminder E-mail “You have not been registered yet”.
  4. And finally, a mechanism to invite people manually via the invite page – completely electronically.
  5. The whole aftercare process was also included in this Flow: a “Thank you to those present”, with a link to download the relevant presentations of that day, or a “sorry we did not see you”, etc.

You see, the INNI OKAPI Platform brings together lay-out templates with relevant data and logic for smart marketing campaigns. Always the right message through the optimal medium at the right time to the relevant addressee.