INNI group in the VOKA quiz


INNI group in the VOKA quiz

We love a good quiz!

As a family business, INNI group could not fail to take part in the large Voka business quiz and was happy to send in ‘our’ knowledge.

400 companies throughout Flanders are taking part in this initiative to make the products and services of our companies more known to the general public. It is striking how little the average Flemish person knows about our top companies. Are the Flemish not proud enough of their champions? Are we too humble? That is possible.

This campaign runs from 16 April to 31 May and then again in the Entrepreneurship Week from 1 to 7 October. Our knowledge will be heard in a striking radio campaign on Radio1 and Radio 2.

The quiz is a playful way to learn about our Flemish companies.

Have fun with quiz! #VokaQuiz