Ghent Greenpulse installs huge sunroof at INNI group

NEWS Yesterday at INNI group 2000 high efficiency panels on the roof of the printing works were officially connected by Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein. These solar panels account for 600KW and account for 20% of energy requirements. An innovative aspect of this initiative is that our employees can help invest in a green future.   To this end, INNI group entered into a partnership with GreenPulse, which specialises in developing and financing solar panel projects for companies, by means of third-party financing. Manu Jans, CEO of GreenPulse, explains: ‘Individuals and employees of the roof owner invest between 2000 euro and 50,000 euro and can count on a guaranteed net reduction of 3.9% on an 8-year loan. The fact that employees can participate is a first that will certainly be imitated’. Or to quote Bart Tommelein: ‘A specialist company invests in measures and maintains the installation for a certain period of time. As a receiving company, you can repay the services with the savings on the electricity bill. It’s nice to see how employees can invest in this and share in the profits! We smile at the fact that the ministers were stuck in the elevator for a while to visit the roof!            



For the second time in a row INNI group was allowed to work out a great seasonal brochure for OPERA BALLET VALANDEREN. In this edition a sleeve was combined with a rotogravure print on the cover and a subtle foil inside the book that went through all the pages.




“The price is of course an important aspect, but the added value of our contact who is motivated from request to delivery, thinks along and prioritizes quality and speed is a great added value, we like to work with Nele and INNI. – Catherina Matthys / Promotional Coordinator – Marketing PR


2018-2019 was dominated by the theme: ‘Accessibility’. To this end, they collaborated with artist Hans Op de Beeck, who took care of the visual material.


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